Wholesale + Private Label + Contract Manufacturing for Candles

Modern Manufacturing

What is Modern Manufacturing?

We've set out to create a conscious American Manufacturing company that thinks about more than the bottom line. People, places, partners and products are all important to our mission and we promise to be socially responsible in our approach to American manufacturing, creating jobs, preventing waste and emphasizing equality all while creating the best product possible.

Modern manufacturing is sustainable and socially responsible. We are committed to our community and job creation.  Our views on making profits must align with that or else we fail ourselves, our partners, customers and our world.  We will not sacrifice quality of products, people or processes just to make a dollar.  Our dedication to make the best Poured Goods possible starts with us and we hold ourselves accountable every step of the way to make sure we are aligned with our founding vision.

Examples of Sustainability?

  • We pledge to make Poured Goods with as little negative impact on our earth as possible and we will continue thinking of ways to reduce our carbon footprint
  • All candles are made from renewable energies like SOY wax
  • Waste is repurposed when possible, once our candles are cooled and the wick trimming phase begins, we make it a point to save the excess wicks. These wicks will be used again for wicks within our smaller candles
  • All containers we use, are at the very minimum recyclable, however we encourage repurposing them
  • The environmental impact from packaging, labeling, shipping and receiving are considered every step of the way and we will do our best and continue to improve our process to reduce waste every chance we get.
  • While we cannot say that we don’t produce waste, we can say that we are absolutely 100% conscious of our impact on the earth and our local communities.

Examples of Social Responsibility?

  • We pledge to donate time, money and resources to help build up our local communities.
  • Fundraiser programs for schools, organizations, not for profits that need to raise money
  • Equality matters to us and will always be at the forefront of hiring, partnerships, procurement and opportunities to help create change for the betterment of all our fellow humans.
  • People first Profits second – our team will always take priority over the bottom line.
  • Job creation, bringing manufacturing back to the forefront of America, creating jobs for hardworking Americans and boosting our local economy in the process
  • Sourcing locally and domestically is our number 1 priority

Have more questions? You can chat us directly from the website or text us 904.295.2476, you can also call us or email us.  We are excited to get started and help you with your next project no matter the size.