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Poured Goods + YOU

– It’s simple and straight forward. We do all of the heavy lifting so you and your organization can focus on sales. Our generous 50/50 profit sharing is one of the best in the industry and we take care of literally everything except selling.

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Profit Sharing 50/50

For every candle that your organization sells, you’ll receive 50% of the profits

About our candles

Made with 100% soy wax (renewable and clean burning)

The oils we use are always phthalate free

Hand poured in small batches here in St. Augustine, FL

The highest concentration of scent possible

To keep things simple, we offer one size tin candle, our best-selling size and most economical – 6 oz. Available in 9 core scents and 7 seasonal scents for a total of 16 scents to choose from. 

These candles are made specifically for our fundraiser partners and cannot be purchased in our store. The selling point is $12 each . Orders over $100 ship for free.

Collecting Orders is Simple

We have two options for collecting orders.

  1. We’ve created a website that allows you and your organization to direct friends, family, neighbors and others to make purchases directly from our website.
  2. Good old-fashioned paper and pen – order forms. You and your organization will be responsible for inputting the orders into the website.

Collecting Payment

We do not accept gift cards or cash for orders placed for fundraising. All orders need to be paid by credit card via the website. We also accept checks, they need to be dropped off to our store locations or mailed.

Order Processing

Once your organization has decided to work with us to raise money, we will provide a timeline of events that will allow everyone participating adequate time to complete everything necessary and deliver a superior product to the customer.

Generally, we allot a 10-14 day selling window.  During this time, we are processing orders that come in and creating a pouring & mixing schedule based on scent distributions.  After the sales window closes, we generally need an additional week to clean up orders, take care of any payment issues and to make sure everything is in place before we start pouring the candles.

So, from the time of the last order submitted until the first order ships it’s about 14 days.  In the event that we can deliver sooner, we will. 

Shipping & Local Delivery

Orders over $100.00 will receive free shipping

Order under $100 will ship based on weights and current USPS rates

Damaged & Returns

We stand behind our products and do our best to ensure safe delivery. However, once we’ve sent the candles on their way, we can no longer control the care that they receive. So, if your candle(s) end up damaged please head over to the link and fill out a damage form to receive a replacement.

We do not accept returns for any reason.

Getting started

Please email or call 904.295.2475 to get started. Once you’re all set you can get started right away.

How much does this cost

There is no cost to you or your organization other than time.  We will provide all the materials, handouts, order forms, and any other materials needed in order to run a successful fundraiser.

Why your organization should partner with us.

Poured Goods is a part of the St. Johns community operating as a small business and by working with us,

  1. You’ll help us create and supports local jobs
  2. Stimulate our local economy
  3. Your organization will receive 50% of the profits from all of your sales
  4. Candles make wonderful gifts and are universally loved

Example Fundraiser

Participants in Org


Participation Rate


Total Units Sold


Profit for Org








$               3,648.00