Wholesale + Private Label + Contract Manufacturing for Candles

Custom Scent Protocol

We are excited to help you find the perfect scent for your future candle line. If you are interested in creating a custom scent follow the steps bellow! 

1. Share with us your desired scent notes or profiles in the form below. 

2. We will reach out to you to confirm the scents and specific candle needs.

3. After that we will ship you 5 sample scents to make sure we are getting the correct scent you are looking for.

3. Once a scent is picked, it is time to place your order! There will be a 10lb minimum that will be yours exclusively. 10lbs of the fragrance oil yields about 240 8oz candles. You can start with as little as 12 candles, while the rest of the oil will just wait on you for future orders.