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Wick Trimming Tips

Trimming a candle wick is an important step in ensuring that your candle burns evenly, safely, and longer. Two weeks ago we discussed our top tricks for helping your candle burn longer, which included wick trimming. Today we are going to give you the proper wick-trimming technique. 

Use the Right Tools: To trim your candle wick properly, you will need a pair of scissors or a wick trimmer. We prefer our metal wick trimmers! These tools are specifically designed to trim candle wicks to the correct length and ensure a clean cut.

Trim to the Right Length: The ideal length for a candle wick is approximately 1/4 inch (6mm). Trimming the wick to this length before each use will help prevent excessive smoke and soot, and ensure an even burn.

Wait for the Wax to Cool: It's important to wait for the wax to cool before trimming the wick. Attempting to trim the wick while the wax is still hot can cause the wick to bend or break, making it difficult to light the candle in the future.

Remove the Wick Debris: After trimming the wick, remove any debris or excess wick that may have fallen into the wax. This can be done using a wick dipper or a toothpick. Removing debris from the wax will ensure a clean burn and prevent the wick from becoming clogged.

Trim Regularly: It's important to trim your candle wick regularly to ensure a safe and even burn. For larger candles, it may be necessary to trim the wick more frequently to prevent the flame from becoming too large and causing the candle to burn too quickly. As a rule of thumb trim your wick before each use. 

Use these tips next time you light a candle and see the difference it can make! 

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