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Picking the Perfect Scent For Your Store

Picking the perfect scent candle to represent your brand can be challenging. There are so many combinations that sometimes can be overwhelming, and you don't know where to begin. This is where we can help and what we love to do.  

In today’s article, we will share the four main scent profiles with you so you have a better idea of what will work best for you and your customers! These scents include fruit, floral, earth, and fresh. 

FRUIT: When choosing a fruity profile, you most likely enjoy sweet scents; this includes apples, melons, fruit punch, and even bubble gum falls into this category! A good time to choose a fruity scent is if you are near an apple orchid, and the crisp fall air makes you run for the closest Granny Smith. Or let’s say you are a Florida shop, and nothing makes it feel more like summer than the smell of a freshly peeled orange at the beach; this is an outstanding category to explore! 

FLORAL: Ever dream of walking into that flower shop down the road and purchasing a beautiful boutique of fresh lavender, jasmine, and peonies? This profile will make your space feel calming with its soothing, natural, and organic notes. Many associate floral accents with romance, a popular pick for seasonal springtime candles. 

EARTH: This category is far-reaching and includes fragrances like tobaccos, ambers, driftwood, musk, and sandalwood scents. Earth profiles are widely considered warmer and more neutral regarding overall fragrance profiles; however, paired with a soft floral, you can create the perfect combination that appeals to all customers. This is a great scent profile if your customers enjoy the great outdoors, hiking in the pines, or building a campfire on a cold winter night.

FRESH: How does a day at the spa sound? With fresh eucalyptus, mint, bamboo, and the warm smell of a newly washed bathrobe, this scent profile will relax even the tensest person. With a fresh scent profile, you will be transported to a tranquil, relaxing afternoon of self-care. We recommend this scent for spas, salons, or a shop specializing in linens. The crisp, clean smell will have your customers coming back for more. 

If you are looking for suitable fragrances to bring to your space, ask yourself, what smells are your favorite? Look around your office, home, or shop at the fragrances you are already drawn to. These are most likely the scents people attribute to your brand that you did not even notice. Do you get compliments on the way your space smells? Start there. At Poured Goods, we specialize in creating custom small-batch scents just for you. Contact us so we can help you make your scent profile unique! 

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